How to Transfer From Coinbase to Binance

Are you looking to make the switch from Coinbase to Binance? If so you’ll need to transfer your cryptocurrency over.

Binance is great as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume.

It also has a much larger selection of cryptos to trade.

The fees on Binance are also much lower when it comes to trading.

In this guide, we’ll breakdown how you can transfer your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins over from Coinbase to Binance.

How to Transfer From Coinbase to Binance

Below here you’ll see several easy steps you can take to transfer your coins over. This should take you less than 3 minutes to complete.

1. Log in and go to Wallet on Binance

For the first step, we’ll need to get the receiving address.

Depending on which asset you transfer over, this will require slightly different steps.

To start we need to login on Binance.

Next we will need to go to the top right and click on “Wallet”.

On the drop down menu, you want to click on “Fiat and Spot”.

fiat and spot

2. Head to Deposit

Now we need to grab the receiving address for whichever asset you choose.

In this example, I’ll use Bitcoin.

If you want to transfer over Ethereum, Litecoin or any other asset, then follow the same steps but replace it for your chosen coin.

First you want to go to the box that says “Search Coin” and type in the coin you are looking for.

In my case I type in “Bitcoin”.

It will not list all coins that have “Bitcoin” in the name.

From here you want to look for your coin and on the right hand side you should see several options to pick from.

You want to click on “Deposit”.

bitcoin deposit binance

3. Select the network and copy address

You should now be brought to a page that lists the coin and the network.

The coin should already be selected as “Bitcoin” or your chosen coin.

You can now change the network to “Bitcoin” as well.

Below the two boxes you should now see a receiving address displayed.

On the right of the receiving address are two small squares.

Click on these and it should copy the address for you.

deposit crypto binance

4. Head over to Coinbase and Log In

We now want to leave Binance and go to Coinbase.

On Coinbase log in to your account by entering your details.

Once you’re logged in and on the Dashboard, you want to look at the top right.

Click on the “Send / Receive” button.

send receive coinbase

5. Enter your Binance deposit address and click Send

Now you should have a pop up which appears.

Make sure you are on the “Send” tab.

You can now enter the amount that you want to send by typing in the box.

Change the “Pay With” option to whichever cryptocurrency you want to send.

In the “To” box you want to enter the deposit address that we copied earlier on Binance.

You can also enter an “Optional Message” although this is not necessary.

You should now click “Continue”.

send bitcoin coinbase to binance

6. Confirm your withdrawal and press Send Now

For the final step you will need to confirm your withdrawal.

Double check the information is correct.

It will also display the fees on the screen for your withdrawal.

You may pay a Coinbase fee and alongside this a Network fee.

The Coinbase fee is a fee that Coinbase charges to use their services.

A Network fee is required by whichever cryptocurrency network, so your transaction will get included in a block.

It should also display the time estimates for your coins to reach Binance.

If everything is correct press “Send Now”.

You have now completed transfering from Coinbase to Binance.

coinbase confirmation send bitcoin


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