How To Buy Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Best Beginner’s Guide 2022

Are you in search for an easy way to buy Star Atlas coin?

Star Atlas has become an incredibly popular game and cryptocurrency coin.

With the ATLAS token you’ll be able to trade in game assets on the open marketplace.

ATLAS token holders benefit from being able to pay for purchases, inside the virtual gaming metaverse.

In this article we’ll share our quick guide that helps you buy the ATLAS crypto.

How To Buy Star Atlas Crypto

By following the guide below, you’ll be able to buy and acquire the Star Atlas coin in just under 3 minutes from start to finish.

1. Sign Up for a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto exchanges are how we swap our fiat currency into coins on our crypto wallet.

This can be seen as similar to when you use a broker to buy Stocks.

When picking an exchange, we first want one that offers the Star Atlas coin.

Next we want the highest security with lowest trading fees.

Below I have included my top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to purchase ATLAS.

Note: By using the links included on our site, you get discounts on trading fees.


Available Countries


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2. Deposit Fiat Money into your Wallet

Now that we have selected our crypto exchange of choice, we need to deposit fiat money.

In the example, I’ll be showing you how to do this on FTX which is my favorite exchange.

To deposit money, head to “Wallet” which is located in the top left of the screen.

ftx wallet deposit

On the wallet page look for “Card Deposit” on the right hand side.

Click on this and it’ll take you to the deposit screen where we can deposit any currency with our credit or debit card.

card deposit fiat

If you want to deposit via bank transfer or wire transfer instead, you can scroll down on the wallet page.

You should now see a bunch of different cryptocurrencies alongside some fiat currencies.

Look for your currency that you want to deposit via bank transfer and then click “Deposit”.

deposit options ftx

This will popup instructions on how to transfer money onto FTX via your desired payment method.

3. Go to Markets to get Star Atlas

We are now ready to enter the crypto space and buy our ATLAS coins.

First if you’ve deposited another currency such as GBP, AUD, CAD or anything else, you will need to convert it over to USD.

To do this locate the currency you deposited in your wallet, look for the “Convert” button on the right hand side.

Click it and exchange your currency for USD.

Now you’ve obtained USD on your account, we can begin trading.

Go to “Markets” located in the top left.

markets ftx

Then click on “Spot”.

spot markets ftx

You should now see a variety of crypto coins we can trade.

Search for the “ATLAS/USD” trading pair.

Click on “ATLAS/USD” once found.

atlas usd trading pair ftx

4. Buy Star Atlas

We have now arrived on the page where can buy our Star Atlas coins.

This page may be slightly overwhelming, but it’s very simple and easy to get used to.

On the left side you’ll see the graph. This displays historical price action for the coin.

In the middle we have the orderbook which displays orders other traders have placed. These are in the form of “Bids” and “Asks”.

On the right hand side you’ll see “Buy ATLAS” and “Sell ATLAS” this is where we buy and sell the coin.

First we want to change the order type to a “Market Order”. To do this click the dropdown box where it says “Limit Order” and change it to a “Market Order”.

market order atlas

Once we’ve done this we can buy easily by entering the amount of ATLAS tokens we want to buy in the “Amount” box.

This should automatically calculate the USD value next to it.

If you are satisfied with the amount you can press the big green “Buy” button.

buy atlas coin

Congratulations you have now successfully bought Star Atlas!

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What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas aims to build a virtual world that allows you to construct entire space cities.

Star Atlas takes place in the distant future. It’s set in a futuristic science fiction setting.

You can go through deep space exploration in the Star Atlas universe.

The massive multiplayer online game is built on Unreal Engine.

Players can collect in game items and have full ownership, as Star Atlas embraces full decentralization. This makes Star Atlas unique.

Non fungible tokens obtained inside the game can be exchanged for real world currency. Allowing you monetize time spent in game and convert your in game currency into real world assets.

The blockchain game combines a play to earn pet oriented trading game with an explorative MMO feel.

Overall it’s one of the most ambitious blockchain games and you can explore basic gameplay right now.

What is the market cap of Star Atlas?

The market cap as of 10th March 2022 is $55 million USD.

The fully diluted market cap as of 10th March 2022 is $919 million USD.

The current circulating supply is 2.16B ATLAS.

The trading volumes as of 10th March 2022 are $7.3M USD per day.

How much did Star Atlas offer in initial exchange offering?

Star Atlas sold 360 million tokens and the Star Atlas network secured $1 million USD in funding, which is very low for such an ambitious game.

Star Atlas announced their IEO through FTX.

Where should I store my Star Atlas Token holdings?

Storing your newly acquired crypto assets in a safe way is very important.

The best way to store would be on a hardware wallet. You can find popular wallets such as the Ledger or Trezor for less than $100.

A good hardware wallet will allow you to easily spend and trade your cryptocurrency, whilst keeping it safe and secure.

As Star Atlas is built on the Solana Blockchain, you can store it on a web crypto wallet. This is much more risky than a hardware wallet. To do this you can use a popular wallet such as Phantom.

Finally you can also leave your digital assets on a centralized exchange such as FTX. This carries risk as crypto exchanges can be hacked, leading to a loss of your coins.

What blockchain does Star Atlas use?

The Star Atlas network operates on the Solana blockchain.

What is the Star Atlas POLIS token?

The Star Atlas POLIS token is a governance token.

POLIS holders will be able to influence the decision making of the development team.

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