How To Change Your FTX Password

Looking to change your FTX password?

Resetting your password should be a yearly, if not monthly routine to keep your accounts secure.

How To Change FTX Password

Following the steps below will change your FTX password in under 2 minutes. If you are unable to log in then look for the other steps on how to reset your FTX password.

1. Log in to FTX

For step 1, we need to make sure we’re logged in to FTX.

So head over to or and look at the top right of the screen.

Click the “Login” or “Sign In” button.

ftx login

2. Navigate to settings

For step 2 we need to head over to the “Security” page.

To do this you want to look at the top right of your screen.

You should see a bright blue “Account” button.

Click “Account”.

ftx account

You should now see a dropdown menu with a bunch of options to pick from.

We want to click the “Settings” option.

ftx account settings

3. Request a password reset

On the settings page you should see a bunch of tabs on the left to pick from.

Make sure you are on the “Security” page.

On this page you should see “Account Security” along the top.

Below that should be a “Change Password” option.

Click on the dropdown arrow on the right to expose the “Change Password” instructions.

It will now explain the instructions to change your password.

Click on the “Request Password Reset” button.

request password reset ftx

Now it will bring you to a page which has an “Email” box.

Enter your account email address into the box.

enter your email ftx

4. Change your password

Check your email address inbox. You should have an email from “FTX”.

In this email you should find a link which takes you to the “Reset Password” page.

You should also have a 6 digit code which will be required to change your password.

Once you open the link, you’ll have 4 boxes.

Enter your account email address in the top box.

Enter your password in the “New Password” box.

Confirm it by entering it again in the “Confirm Password” section.

Finally enter your six digit code that you received by email.

Click “Reset Password” and your password is successfully changed!

enter new password ftx

How To Reset Your FTX Password

If you are unable to login to your account at all and have forgotten your password, you can change it by following these steps.

1. Go to the FTX Login page

For the first step head over to or

Click the “Login” button and then once the popup opens, look for “Forgot Password”.

Click on “Forgot Password”.

forgot password ftx

You should now have a second popup box.

This should have an “Email” field.

Enter your FTX account’s email address.

Then click “Send Reset Email”.

send reset email ftx

2. Check your email address

Inside the inbox of your account’s email address you should find an email from “FTX.

This email contains instructions to reset your FTX password.

In the email you should have a link which goes to the “Reset Password” page.

You should also have a 6 digit code.

Click the link for “Reset Password”.

ftx reset password code

3. Reset FTX Password

For the final step you have enter the information into the corresponding fields.

Enter your email address into the “Email” field.

Enter your new password into the “New password” field.

Repeat the same for the “Confirm password” box.

Finally enter your code that you received in your email into the “Reset Code” box.

Click “Reset Password” and you have successfully reset it!

enter new password ftx

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