What is FTX on Umpire’s Shirt? MLB Sponsorship by FTX

FTX, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has been sponsoring the MLB (Major League Baseball).

The sponsorship deal started in 2021 with them being one of the biggest sponsors of MLB.

FTX has since grown to become a large brand and name. Some people are still confused though and wonder why they see the FTX logo everywhere during the MLB.

What is FTX on Umpire Shirt?

The patch which is worn on the Umpire’s shirt is because of FTX’s sponsorship.

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange you can find our review here.

Sam Bankman-Fried the CEO of FTX’s exchange tweeted about the umpire behind Vlad Jr.

sbf ftx umpire shirt tweet

Although the MLB hasn’t used these types of ads before when it came to previous sponsorships, this could be a new way that advertisers promote their product.

This could be seen as a trial run, although we expect more companies to begin advertising this way as we go into 2023.

The FTX logo on the umpires shirts will last for the rest of the season as stated by Chris Chreamer.

chris chreamer ftx umpire shirt tweet


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