How to Deposit on FTX – Quick Beginners Guide

Are you looking to deposit funds onto FTX to begin trading?

FTX has a variety of deposit methods.

Making sure you deposit to the correct address is very important.

Using the wrong address will leave your funds stuck and most likely lost forever.

New to FTX? See our review of FTX first, before you deposit.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to transfer funds onto FTX.

How to Deposit Crypto on FTX

For our first steps we’ll cover how to deposit crypto onto FTX.

1. Log on FTX

For step one we need to first be logged into FTX.

To do so go to the FTX website and click “Login”.

Enter your email and password.

You may then have to enter your 2FA and once you’re logged in we can now deposit.

ftx login

2. Navigate to Wallet

Next we’ll need to navigate over to the wallet section of the exchange.

To do this look in the top left of your screen.

You should see several options such as: “Markets”, “Wallet”, “OTC” and more.

Click on “Wallet”.

ftx wallet deposit

3. Find your Deposit Address

On this page you will see all of your balances displayed.

We now want to search for the cryptocurrency that we want to deposit to our account.

To do this we’re going to need to locate the deposit address.

Find the crypto that you want to deposit, in this case I will use Bitcoin as an example.

Click on “Deposit” on the right hand side.

bitcoin deposit ftx

A popup should now appear displaying your BTC deposit address.

Click on “Copy” which will copy the address into your clipboard.

4. Deposit onto your Account

Now we have the address in our clipboard, we can use it to deposit.

Paste the address into your current Bitcoin wallet and select the transaction fee amount.

To transfer from Coinbase to FTX or transfer from Binance to FTX, see our guides.

Press send, wait 30-60 minutes and you should see your deposit appear on your FTX account.

To track your deposits click on the “Deposits” tab on the wallet page.

deposits ftx

How to Deposit Fiat on FTX

Now that we’ve covered the crypto side, we’ll show you how to deposit fiat money onto your FTX account.

1. Head over to Wallet

Similar to the steps we used for the crypto deposits.

Click on “Wallet” in the top left of your screen to go to your accounts wallet page.

ftx wallet deposit

2. Sort for Fiat

Now that we’re on the wallet section we need to sort for Fiat currencies only.

To do this click on the big “FIAT” sorter which is located just under the “Fills” tab.

fiat tab ftx

3. Deposit via Bank Transfer

You will now see a list of fiat currencies that FTX carries.

These are all currencies that can be deposited onto your account.

If your fiat currency is not showing up, then you may have to use the card deposit method instead.

Alternatively you can check if your bank account allows you to wire transfer USD.

To deposit click on the “Deposit” button on the right hand side.

deposit euro ftx

You will now see which options you can pick from.

The options to deposit will vary for each currency.

In this case I will use “Slow SEPA”.

Follow the wire instructions and your deposit will be credited once FTX receives the wire transfer.

Wire transfers with some bank accounts may be slow, so make sure to check all the instructions before depositing.

NOTE: Make sure the name on your bank account is the same as the name you used for FTX.

slow sepa ftx deposit

4. Deposit via Credit/Debit Card

For those looking for a convenient way to deposit, you can use a credit or debit card.

To do this click on “Card Deposit” on the wallet page.

This is located on the right side of the screen.

card deposit fiat

From here you can deposit with any currency and it is automatically converted over to USD.

Simply enter the deposit amount in the “Amount” box.

Proceed to enter your card information and then press “Submit”.

Your deposit should be credited instantly.

deposit credit card ftx

How can I Withdraw from FTX?

Fiat withdrawals can be done by clicking “Withdraw” next to any fiat currency.

Withdrawals directly to your bank account should take less than 48 hours, although some wire transfers may take longer.

Unlike depositing USD, you will pay withdrawal fees when withdrawing.

To withdraw USD or other currencies checkout our FTX withdrawal guide.

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