How To Delete Your FTX Account

Are you done with cryptocurrency and want to close your FTX account?

Maybe you’re looking to switch to a different exchange which you like better?

Whilst FTX is one of the top exchanges, I understand some people want a way to delete their account.

To close your FTX account or delete your account, follow the steps I outline below.

How To Close FTX Account

The steps which I have created to close your account should take about 2 minutes if you follow them.

1. Log in to FTX

For the first step we need to log in to FTX.

To do so visit or FTX.US and log in to your FTX account.

ftx login


2. Navigate to Settings

We now want to navigate to the account settings page.

On this page we will be able to control the settings of our account and close it.

To do so click “Account” in the top right.

ftx account

This should open up a dropdown menu.

On that menu you should see several options to pick from such as: “Wallet”, “Positions”, “PnL”, “Settings” and more.

We want to click on the “Settings” option.

ftx account settings

3. Close your FTX account

On the next page you should see several settings and tabs to pick from.

First we want to make sure we are on the “Security” page. You can see this on the left hand side. It should be the default option.

At the top you should see “Account Security”.

Below that you should see several security options for your account. If you scroll to the bottom, you should see “Close account”.

Click the dropdown arrow next to “Close account”.

You should now see an explanation of the requirements to close your account and a “CLOSE ACCOUNT” button.

If you click this button you will close your FTX account.

close ftx account

Why cant I close my FTX account?

If FTX is not letting you close your account there could be several reasons.

The first issue is if you have a negative balance on your account. Although rare, there are some circumstances where you could have a negative balance.

If this negative balance is more than -$100, then you will be unable to close your account until your top it up.

Another reason you can’t close your account is if your positive balance is above $5.00.

First withdraw your funds from your account and you should be able to delete your FTX account.

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