How To Change Your Currency On Binance? (2022)

Is Binance showing your dollars as your default currency? Want to change it to your local currency instead?

In this easy and simple guide, I will show you how to change it to whichever currency you prefer.

Whether that be CAD for Canadians, GBP for United Kingdom or Euros for Europe.

You can pick any currency you prefer.

How to Change Your Currency on Binance

These simple steps below will help you easily change the currency option on your account.

This should take you about 2 minutes to complete.

1. Log into your Binance account

The first step is to head over to or Binance.US.

Log into your account by either entering your details or by using the QR code with your Binance App.

binance account login

2. Click the Currency Symbol in the Top Right

The next step will be to change the currency that is associated to your account.

To do this, you’ll want to look at the top right of your screen.

You should see several things to pick from such as “Wallet”, “Orders”, “Downloads” and a currency symbol.

The currency symbol will most likely be USD, but it could be EUR or other currencies that you may have set previously.

You will want to click on the currency to change it.

change currency binance

3. Pick a New Currency you Wish to Use on Your Account

You should now see a large list of currencies to pick from.

These are arranged alphabetically and you can pick whichever you want to use.

If at any time you select the wrong one or want to change to another currency, you can repeat the same process.

The currency symbol will be different in the top right, but you can still follow the same steps.

picking a new currency binance

4. Complete, you have now Changed your Currency!

Congratulations. If you followed these steps you should have successfully changed your currency on your Binance account.

All prices across your wallet and other areas of Binance will now be displayed in your selected currency.

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